Preparing for Product Photography

This guide is to help you prepare for shooting products, so that I can give you the best possible results.

Packaged Products

It may be attractive or desirable to place or scatter the contents of a packaged product next to its package. This is often the case for packaged foods or items where the package is part of the product (e.g. a protective case). In these cases it is a good idea to supply either a spare packaged product or already unpacked contents, to ensure the package being photographed is not damaged by unpacking.

If a product has a package, tags, stickers, etc that should not be in the photograph, please remove these unless they are required for transporting to the studio.

Food, Organics and Liquids

Please advise of any items that may cause mess, for example anything that can crumble, melt or leave a residue.

Fragile Objects

If a fragile item is to be photographed, it is advisable to supply a spare in case of any mishaps.


Typically products are photographed either in a high-key (white background), low-key (black background) or in situ (e.g. on a coffee table, or being used). High- or low-key may be photographed in the studio, but if a particular location is required, please advise.


For clothing catalogues, advertising materials or to simply to give a more high-end feel to the image, consider including a model in the composition. Note that separate charges will apply for the model and, if required, make up artist and stylist.


There are many ways to photograph a product; more so when it comes to products that are comprised of many elements that must be arranged. It is advisable to provide input as to what is desired as far as angles, placement and framing. If the product is to be included in a catalogue or website which has an established style, a copy of or link to existing images will help produce consistent images.

It is advisable for first time customers to have a representative present to approve of the composition of photos being taken.

Delivery, Pick up, Return and Disposal

Delivery of the product(s) to the studio is preferred. If pick up and/or return is required, there may be an additional charge, depending on the location and quantity of items. Products must be collected within a week of the shoot.

If products/packaging are not required to be returned and comprise of items that may be disposed of or recycled in regular household rubbish collection, disposal is included as part of the service.