Preparing for Location Photography

This guide is to help you prepare a location for shooting. Just as you would generally take some care in clothing selection and hair styling for a portrait of a person, you should think about how to prepare a location for a shoot so that it looks its best.

General Advice

No matter what your location is, it's likely that it will look better when things are neat and tidy. This is particularly important if you're trying to promote the location as a place that people would like to be.

It's worth casting a critical eye around the location to see if there are any little maintenance jobs that need to be done. This is usually things like:


The time of day greatly influences the mood of a photo. Twilight or night time photos can look very sophisticated and stylish, while daytime photos can look more inviting and friendly.

Typically commercial buildings and landmarks look better at night, as they will usually have feature lights. Some residences will have nice feature lighting, but will usually look better at daytime.

The weather plays an important part of outdoor shoot. Be aware that poor weather may require rescheduling.


The point about tidying up goes double for an indoor shoot, because the viewer is likely to be much more critical about clutter in an indoor space.


To give a sense of scale or to show the location being used, you may wish consider including models in the composition. Note that separate charges will apply for the models and, if required, make up artists and stylists.