The People Galleries

Photography with people is my favourite type of work. Each person brings with them their own unique character, and there is such a broad range of expression and emotion that can be captured when working with people that every images is unique. These galleries showcase my work with people across various genres.

Beauty, Glamour & Fashion

This gallery is dedicated to looking fantastic! Whether it's fashion, bridal or boudoir photography, expect to see wonderful clothes, gorgeous makeup, stunning settings and - most importantly - the beautiful people I've had the privilege to work with.

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People can do amazing things with their bodies - if you need proof look no further! This gallery showcases the talented people I've worked with, showing strength, grace and beauty that is wonderful to behold.

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What are we without love in our lives? This gallery celebrates love, from couples portraits to weddings and maternity shoots.

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Like many people, I love a good portrait. They can be mesmerising, firmly grabbing your attention. They can give you feelings of understanding and connection to the subject. They can be mysterious, keeping you at arm's length while simultaneously drawing you in. Here are some examples of my work in this genre.

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The human body is a beautiful thing, and each body is uniquely beautiful. Nude photography explores the body, capturing the wonderful thing that it is; it can be a landscape, the record of a lifetime, it can be expressive or mysterious, it can be powerful or fragile.

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